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Bodacious Beardies, the home of gorgeous heads, well-rounded temperaments, wonderful movement and very loving Bearded Collies who have longevity, good health.

I started with Bearded Collies over 33 years ago with Times Buff-Up. His name "Times" was the breeder's kennel name (Susie Tranquillo) and Buff-Up was an Amway product to which all the puppies of that litter got named after. I was not fond of the name but the breeder wanted them registered that way, so we just called him Bufferin. I used to joke and say he gave me a headache. He was a brown Bearded Collie afterall!  I thought I would have more Bearded Collies some day and name them after pain medication, it seemed funny at the time: Codeine, Motrin, Percocet!!! This did not happen as my heart was broken when he died and another Bearded Collie would not enter my life for quite a long time after that. Bufferin died just one month short of turning 18 years old. He was a really sweet brown Bearded Collie with a nose that you always wanted to kiss.

Over the years we had various breeds but really missed the personality and longevity of the Bearded Collie. Read about the rest of our Beardie adventure in "About Us."


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